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2019 Elections

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Are you a financial sector employee in Luxembourg? Are your working and pay conditions not providing you with the long-lasting prospects for the future you are hoping for?

In March 2019 the social elections in Luxembourg will take place! By opting for the OGBL Financial Sector, you will be contributing to achieving the change that is essential to the quality of social dialogue, for the 5 years to come!

This particular occasion is undoubtedly of the utmost importance to all employees working in Luxembourg.

Whether you are resident, a cross-border worker, are Luxembourgish or of any other nationality, you will be able to participate in the elections, either as a candidate or simply as a voter.

In both cases, you will be deciding on the level of quality of social dialogue for financial sector employees over the next 5 years.

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You deserve the best!

Did you know that, as far as the social advancement of employees in the financial sector is concerned, the current collective agreement situation is far from satisfactory. Due to the lack of effective employee representation in the sector, real social progress, especially with regard to the current collective agreements, is and remains almost impossible to achieve. This difficult situation primarily benefits the sector’s employers.

As the primary union in Luxembourg, OGBL is aiming to strengthen its position in the finance sector and thereby succeed in bringing about a change to the course of social policy, both at the level of your company as well as at national level, for the next five years.

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