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Do you want your rights to be respected in your company? SO DO WE! Do you want to improve your working conditions and salary? SO DO WE!


Are you working in the Luxembourg finance sector and are you concerned by the progressive degradation of your acquired social rights and working conditions? These days it is impossible to deal with everything on your own, to negotiate your working conditions and salary by yourself, to keep yourself informed of all the laws, regulations and directives and, without help, to solve problems arising in the workplace or with the Luxembourg administration.

So, this is why we are asking you to think about putting yourself forward to become a staff delegate for OGBL, the principal union in the country, which would insure you:

  • Inclusion in a strong community of more than 2,000 elected delegates;
  • Union advisers who help and support you;
  • Interesting, useful and on-going training;
  • Information packs regarding new laws and topics of importance to businesses;
  • A stronger ability to provide representation than “neutral” delegates, who often find themselves isolated and ineffective;
  • Participation in negotiations to improve conditions at work and for employees;
  • The advantage of more political weight and better defence of rights.

As OGBL Staff delegate, you are part of a strong, united and reliable union. Join a team which is determined and supportive because, with each new OGBL delegate, our strength increases! Together, let's be strong for our future!


Being a staff delegate mainly involves…

  • being there to listen to your colleagues,
  • highlighting problems which arise in the company in relation with well-being, equality, health or safety,
  • the promotion of social dialogue in the company,
  • initiating discussions with the employer to achieve concrete improvements to working conditions such as: quality of life at work, stress, working time, remuneration and job security,
  • receiving information about the economic and financial situation of the company, the workforce, prospects for the future, as well as changes to the level of employment within the company,
  • the negotiation of collective agreements in conjunction with the union, to have a say on the regulation of particular internal company decisions or changes to the organisation of work,

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