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  • 72.000 Members
  • 2.000 Delegates
    Elected in the companies
  • 1st Union
    in Luxembourg

With more than 72.000 membres, 2.200 staff delegates and an absolute majority in the Chambre des Salariés, with 38 out of 60 seats, « Onofhängege Gewerkschaftsbond Lëtzebuerg » (OGBL) is the largest union in the country.


Why become an OGBL Member

  • OGBL is a multi-professional and multi-sectoral confederated trade union

    Via its 15 professional unions, OGBL is present in all the sectors and structures of the economic activity in Luxembourg.

  • OGBL is politically and financially independent

    Funded only by contributions from its members, OGBL is both financially and politically independent, as well as being neutral regarding religion. Having an OGBL leadership function is not compatible with holding a political mandate. OGBL's staff consists of its own dedicated employees. This guarantees independence and autonomy of action when it comes to negotiating with companies.

  • OGBL defends the interests of all

    OGBL defends the interests of active and retired employees as well as their families, jobseekers, apprentices, students, trainees, both from Luxembourg and across the border. In addition to those working in a given company, OGBL defends the specific interests of particular groups of people, such as: employees, women, disabled workers, immigrants, young people, public officials or the retired.



Young workers, why should you join a union?

Are you new to the labour market, or about to be? If, for you, work means :

  • a quality job, with a normal permanent employment contract,
  • personal and professional development,
  • professional recognition together with an evolving career,
  • proper remuneration and pay raises,
  • security of employment,
  • working in a healthy, constructive and human environment,
  • allowing you to plan for your future and to be able to have your own place,

OGBL Financial Sector fights daily to defend these values so that the next generation of employees is not one threatened with insecurity.

OGBL Finance Sector is there

  • to defend you both before and throughout your professional career: apprenticeship contract, student internship, first job …
  • to inform you of your rights at work,
  • to offer you advice and individual support

to defend you both collectively and individually.

An employee has little influence over his employer if he confronts him by himself. If he wants to have a real impact, he needs a strong, organised union, with an important membership, able to lead negotiations and to drive forward the common interest of all employees.

As an OGBL delegate, you will be part of a strong, united and reliable union.

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