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On March 12th, 2019, social elections will take place as well for the Chamber of Employees at a national level as the elections of staff delegations on a company level.

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The Chamber of Employees

The work of the Chamber of Employees is essentially focused on a consultative function at the service of promotion, valorisation and an adequate recognition of the status of the people it represents.

Its main mission is to represent and defend the interests of employed workers and of retired workers. The attributions and activities of the Chamber of Employees are:

  • Advisory mission: by providing advice on proposed legislation and grand-ducal regulations in the framework of a legislative procedure;
  • Representative mission: via its presence in all state advisory bodies;
  • Information mission: through a certain number of publications aimed to support the employees and the world of work;
  • Mission of initial training: by contributing to the design and the organization of the vocational training offer;
  • Mission of continuous training: by offering courses for adult education through the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre and more specifically trainings for staff delegates;
  • Identifying the staff representatives within the Social Security institutions and the assessors within the work and social security jurisdictions.

The election of the CSL (Chamber of Employees) has the purpose to elect the members of the plenary assembly of the CSL. These elections will define the representativeness of the employees and retired workers at a national level.

By supporting the candidates through their votes, the nearly 500000 people represented by the CSL will increase all the more its strength of conviction when faced with the Luxembourg institutions and will allow it to fully insure its role in favour of a correct recognition and valorisation of their status.

During the election process, all the active and retired workers of the private sector have an active and passive right to vote. Elections will take place by correspondance.

For whom you will vote ?

The CSL is composed of 60 elected members (effective and 60 deputy members). They are divided into 9 socio-professional groups. You will vote for the candidates belonging to your socio-professional group.

  • Group 4 : (8 seats) : finance services and financial intermediation.
  • Group 5 (16 seats) : for all services companies linked to the financial sector – Service sector and other branches.

The principle dictates that the candidate lists  for each sector are set up by the unions which are active in that sector. You can vote or for a specific list, or for a number of individual candidates  corresponding to the number of members to be elected in your group.

How you will vote ?

The vote is taking place by correspondence via an anonymous bulletin.

In principle in February 2019, a voting bullet corresponding to your professional category will be sent to your home address via postal mail. Fill it in and return it to your voting office using the pre-paid envelope provided for.

The vote will be closed mid-March 2019.

The envelope containing your ballot paper has to be posted in due time if you are living abroad.

By voting again for the OGBL Finance Sector candidates, you will strengthen the representativeness of OGBL Finance Sector at the CSL and you will insure the continuity of the defence of your interests, of your social benefits and your collective bargaining agreements in the finance sector.

Currently, the trade union landscape within the finance sector is characterized by too much dispersion. This is unbeneficial to the establishment of a social dialogue based on a balance of power, favourable for the employees in the sector.

OGBL, as the largest trade union in Luxembourg, aims to strengthen its position within the financial sector. Whether you choose to become a candidate or voice your position by voting, these two actions will in fact help to determine the future orientation of social policy on company and national level for the next five years.

We need a strong, united and determined union, invested to make things move, specifically the cause of the employees of the finance sector. That is the reason why it is important to support OGBL, trade union number 1 in Luxembourg.

Vote for the OGBL Candidates at the CSL!

We will regularly publish updates about the social elections. Stay informed online and don’t miss our latest infos.

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