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The trade union for all the employees of the financial sector.

As a member or staff delegate of OGBL Finance Sector, you a part of a strong, united and reliable trade union.

  • As the largest union in Luxembourg, OGBL is able, with its membership of more than 72000, to influence social and economic policy as well as to defend both the collective and individual interests of its members.
  • OGBL is established in every sector of the economy and enjoys unparalleled representation at national and sectorial level.
  • OGBL is financially and politically independent.
  • 72.000 Members
  • 2.000 Delegates
    Elected in the companies
  • 1st Union
    in Luxembourg

Who are we ?

OGBL Finance Sector is one of the 15 branches, representing different professions, that comprise OGBL and is there to defend the interests of financial sector employees (i.e. of banks, insurance companies, financial trustees and financial management companies.)

Responsible for daily business is a team of OGBL staff working independently and closely with the decision-making union leadership team of OGBL Finance Sector.

What are our primary objectives?

OGBL Finance Sector’s policy is to be active on several fronts , with the aim of defending the rights of financial sector employees as far as their conditions of employment and remuneration , career, working environment, regular professional training, job security, respect for equality , health and safety at work etc. are concerned.

At company level:

We are there to listen to and to support our staff delegates in their day-to-day delegation work.

As a staff delegate of OGBL you will benefit from our continuous support. We will help you get started, support you with everyday tasks and offer you a large array of vocational training to choose from in order to further develop your skills, on topics such as labour law or social elections.

Furthermore, we keep you regularly updated and informed on current developments in the financial sector, nationally as well as internationally.

As OGBL Finance Sector we can act within your company at any time to ensure that collective and individual rights are being respected and to oversee your working conditions.

At sectorial level:

As OGBL Finance Sector we can act within your company at any time to ensure that collective and individual rights are being respected and to oversee your working conditions.

At sectorial level:

We negotiate the collective bargaining agreements in the finance sector.

Sectorial level:

  • The collective bargaining agreement for the banking sector
  • The collective bargaining agreement for the insurance sector

Company level:

  • Collective bargaining agreement for SIX Group.
  • Collective bargaining agreement for Caisse medico-chirurgicale.

The world of work is changing. But the importance of reliable and effective union representation remains the same.

If Luxembourg has experienced a boom in the tertiary economic sector in recent decades, it is due mainly to finance and services which have been growing significantly for many years and are now undergoing profound changes, that , with digitalisation, will only continue to increase.

As the leading union in the country, represented in every sector of the Luxembourg economy, we have the necessary experience and expertise to address these challenges and to help shape the working world’s digital future by putting employee interests first.

OGBL’s stated aim is to represent all employees in the financial sector and associated companies to the best of its ability and to provide effective support to staff delegations, as well as to our members, in order to maintain an introduce new guarantees in the sector above and beyond those provided for by the law.

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